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New Zealand Manuka and Clover Honey

"High quality honey products from the top of the south island"

100% raw and natural

At Long River we believe nature got the mix right. Our honey is not blended or altered. It is just as the bees intended. Perfect.

Pure Manuka

Our Manuka honey tastes great and is good for you. Our Manuka apiary is located in beautiful Marahau next to the Abel Tasman National Park.

Happy Bees

Without our bees there is no honey. We take great care to ensure our worker bees are well provided for. Our hives are in the best locations to ensure they continue to produce the highest quality products.

Family owned/operated

Long River is a small family run business producing a limited supply of premium honey products. Long River farm is located in Brightwater on the banks of the Wairoa River.